How To Repair A Deadbolt Lock

It’s popular for the lock mechanism of your doorway to jam from time to time as a result of inserting and eliminating the key often. The interesting detail is that you can very easily repair service the lock. If your residence has a deadbolt lock, here are the ways that you ought to abide by to repair service the lock:

How to maintenance a deadbolt lock

You should start out by opening the door open and tighten all the hinge screws using a screwdriver. If you discover that a screw would not tighten you must exchange it with a two ½ inch wood screw that will quickly chunk into the wall stud.

Professionals say that doorjambs are very thin consequently screws commonly pull out of them specifically when they are supporting a heavy entrance doorway. When you tighten the screws you stabilize the hinges which will most probable right the dilemma with the lock.

If you tighten the screws and nonetheless the problem persists you should really lengthen the bolt. Listed here you should close the door and mark all the positions of the top and base of the bolt on the jamb using a pencil.

You must then open up the door and affirm if the marks are aligned with the leading and base of the strike opening. If the marks really don’t line up you should fix them by grinding the best edge of the strike.

This will suitable the misalignment of one/8inch or much less. If the misalignment is larger than 1/eight inch you need to unscrew and take out the strike, chisel out the opening and reposition the strike in buy to line up with the new opening. You ought to then fill the screw holes with epoxy putty and drill new holes for screws.

If the lock system would not flip, you should really disassemble the lock. To do this you require to clear away the rosette from the cope with within the door and unscrew the two bolts that keep the lock alongside one another.
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You ought to then pull the lock aside and spray a lubricant on the mechanism. Just after this you must reassemble the lock.


This is how you should really fix a deadbolt. To stay clear of injuring yourself usually make sure that you dress in protective gear. For instance, you ought to ensure that you defend your eyes by putting on goggles. If you are possessing a tough time repairing the lock you should really take into consideration hiring the services of a expert locksmith. For perfect final results usually go for a locksmith who is experienced in managing the function.

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