Anime Tactic Match Evaluate: Empire of Angels IV

Empire of Angels IV is a turn-dependent RPG produced and revealed by SOFTSTAR Amusement INC. Produced in English in September sixth, 2017. Full feminine Chinese voice acting. Obtainable for down load on Nutaku’s digital retail store for $13.00. No hentai. Accessible for Personal computer Windows XP, 7, 8, and earlier mentioned.

Lovers of cute girls and medieval fantasy may be enticed to perform Empire of Angels. As stunning as this video game looks and feels, there are very good and terrible points about it. Notice, this activity was evidently developed for youthful gamers, which has an effect on anything from the activity style and design to the story. Let’s communicate about Empire of Angels and see how we like it following that.


Empire of Angels is set in medieval China, spiced with your fundamental mix of magic and monsters. The opening video explains the struggles of past generations to build a peaceful kingdom. A single king was good, the up coming just one sucked ass, now the finest threat to the kingdom is a mysterious plague that turns persons into violent beasts. The disease is called namtar fever. Leona and Niya are element of a namtar sweeping squad, whose mission is to massacre civilians who have succumbed to the illness. Afterwards, they are joined by much more quirky figures.

The commences from the investigations of Leona and Niya. They are checking out the Namtar Fever outbreaks in close by villages. Later on, the story will become a string of rescue missions, as the girls begin chasing their missing childhood friends, acquiring into difficulties whilst stepping into poor neighborhoods.

The story cuts all corners to preserve the girls fighting. The author throws people from 1 plot level to the upcoming. While striving to get to the base of the mystery behind the namtar fever, these cuties cold-heartedly slice and dice every thing that bleeds. You destroy defenseless animals, cut down civilians, you purge villages of bandits, not even bothering to bury their severed corpses. Nobody in your squad feels a shred of guilt in excess of generating orphans from the young children of the villains.

Of training course, all of the gross nihilistic violence is depicted as super lovable enjoy battles in between anime kiddos with bobbing heads. Arrows have suction cups in area of razor-sharp iron heads. Fight spears only shred garments. Fireplace spells make scorched people toss a dance even though escalating an 80s type afro hair.

Virulent disorders were being parse and parcel for dwelling in a large town again in the center ages. The undead plague trope has been accomplished quite a few periods in online games and literature in the medieval fantasy genre. It resonates with visitors who know a tiny bit of background. I realize these Taiwanese builders imagined it would be cool to steal strategies from Warcraft 3, but from a westerner’s perspective, this story is just borrowing thoughts from more established creators.


Empire of Angels is a turn-centered technique video game, very similar to Hearth Emblem. You move your models before passing the change. Your enemy moves their models, and passes the switch. In between using strolls on peaceful grass meadows, you toss every little thing and the kitchen sink to get rid of off the other aspect to the past lady. If you are you looking for more info regarding free hentai games have a look at our web page.
Immediately after you are happy with the map placement of your character, you can pick out steps from a list. The potential actions incorporate attack, exclusive assault, buff spells, and other. If you’re not in assortment of any enemies, simply click the hourglass to go the turn to the future character.

Most missions finish just after you’ve killed the enemy chieftain. Some missions have various victory problems, like “survive until time operates out”. Your people attain degrees and gold from beating amounts. Leveling up will increase the stats of your characters, when gold is used to up grade units.

I performed the activity for quite a few times, a handful of hours at a time. The trouble curve was ramping up, and the stages have been finally posing a obstacle. I was battling to full a sure dungeon degree. The level seemed just about unattainable, so I checked around the map menu for a hub for town actions. In the right-down corner of the monitor, I identified a button for a menu that allow me enhance my characters into state-of-the-art courses. After upping two women into knights, two into innovative archers, improving upon my healer, and allocating Niya into the tank role, I was back again to overpowering enemy forces.

Different classes have distinct strengths and weaknesses. For instance, knights can attack several adjacent enemies from a one-square length. The length ensures the knight does not suffer a counter attack. Archers assault from a extremely lengthy distance. Warriors can attack from angles that also allows them to stay away from counter-assaults. Healers can invest their switch restoring wellness to units, or hurling damage spells.

As strategic issues go, the game has quite a few design and style possibilities producing things “streamlined”. The people appreciate passive healing outside of battles. Their vitality for distinctive talents recovers so quick, you can employ their strongest assaults each second transform. You’re hardly ever starved for any methods, or forced to compensate with creativeness and skill for losses. Also, your figures that die will respawn after you defeat a degree.


Empire of Angels has beautiful anime artwork. The sprites depict the alluring girls of the namtar sweeping squad, and the ladies that join it. Their models are good, nevertheless the coloring and specified specifics seem a lot less than a best-tier. I was particularly unimpressed by Leona’s experience and armor. As opposed with the models of the other people, she came off as a teenager’s doodle.

The costume layouts on the women vary tremendously. There is a great deal of cleavage displaying: Stomachs are left with no any plating, the leg armors are generally warm trousers built of steel. The enough breasts of the gals are absolutely shown. In spite of the incredibly severe storyline, this video game does not get alone too seriously, and that extends to the art course. A person of the women wears a cosplay frog accommodate, which nobody feedback on.

In the gameplay parts, the figures and environments are simple 3D art. The activity looks colourful, and adorable as hell but these graphics are not substantial-finish. If you zoom into matters actual near, you can discover visible property like shields that are not round. In the meantime, sure battle outcomes do not have quite a few frames of animation, leading to a jagged appear that admittedly only bothers individuals shelling out pretty near notice.


In some cases the activity bugs out this sort of that you can’t execute character actions any more. You have to push CTRL+Alt to provide the recreation to windowed method, then push the “X” in the up-ideal corner to close the game. You have to do it like this, due to the fact this bug also helps prevent you from bringing up the activity menu. This bug has triggered various times for me.


The soundtrack rocks tracks for unique moods and occasions. Most songs in good shape the type of a medieval fantasy. The compositions are perfectly-defined, even though most likely lacking in punch. I have a difficult time remembering the melodies even soon after various times of actively playing. The flute and numerous string instruments are the most widespread instruments you will listen to during the game.

The opening music “Angel” is a gentle rock tune with attractive Chinese female vocals. The electric powered guitar starts with a sweet riff that immediately builds the hoopla. The audio in the principal menu is a melancholic melody that flows like the winds that make Niya’s cape flap (screenshot beneath). The new music differs dependent on the map you are taking part in. The observe also differs when it’s your switch, and the enemy’s turn.

The songs is professionally accomplished, and the seem top quality supreme, with no microphone cracks or pops.

VOICE Performing AND Seem Outcomes (SFX)

Empire of Angels has comprehensive Chinese female voice performing. The performances had been great, and refreshing. As I have been enjoying mainly hentai video games these previous couple years, I have been listening to extremely predictable Japanese voice acting for countless hrs. Listening to yet another Asian language was a very good improve of tempo. All the voices sounded young, pretty, and flawless. Some actresses pronounced text in a quirky manner. Hearing Frida the frog girl wrestle to pronounce Teresa, like the syllables ended up just spitting out of her mouth, manufactured me chuckle in far more than 1 occasion.

Preserving with the lovable aesthetics of the sport, the seem effects are the definition of cartoony. When trailblazing in the blood trails of your fallen enemies, you are bombarded with pops and pangs, like you’re observing a children’s morning show. The suction cup arrow headshots by no means stopped getting humorous for me.


Soon after my numerous times of enjoying, the ladies have not even kissed a penis.


Empire of Angels is a sweet operate-of-the-mill anime video game for millennials and toddlers with the attention span of a goldfish. The activity enjoys you and cherishes you, it wishes you to by no means experience unhappy for receiving smashed by actual problems that expose holes in your competence. If you’ve hardly ever performed a turn-based mostly method recreation in advance of and scarcely know how to use a pc, this sport is your great child-phase coaching floor. The soundtrack is entire of generic medieval fantasy memes, whilst the story is a girly relationship drama about childhood buddies acquiring back again jointly in a planet established ablaze by war and pestilence.

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